May 30, 2024


The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Tuobodom District Singing Band, has celebrated its 9th anniversary with a special program that brought together members, church leaders, and the local community together.

The event, which was held at the Redemption Congregation at Jama in the Techiman North District of the Bono East region, provided an opportunity for the singing band to reflect on its journey over the past nine years and discuss ways to further strengthen and develop the association.

In his opening remarks, the Tuobodom District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Joseph Adu Affum, praised the singing band for its unwavering dedication and significant contributions to the church’s music ministry.

“The Tuobodom District Singing Band has been an integral part of our church’s spiritual and cultural life, through their beautiful renditions of hymns and gospel songs, they have not only uplifted our worship experiences but also inspired the entire congregation to deepen their faith and connection with the divine.” The Reverend said

During the anniversary celebration, the singing band members shared their experiences and the challenges they have faced over the years. They also discussed strategies to enhance the group’s performance, recruitment, and community engagement efforts.

In an interview with the media, the Music Director of the Tuobodom District Presbyterian Singing Band, Mrs. Esther Ankoma, said they are filled with renewed since of purpose and commitment to the ministry as they mark an important milestone in their association

She expressed her gratitude to leaders of the church for their support and guidance through the 9 years of their existence while expressing their wiliness and determination to continue use their God-given talents to glorify the Lord.

“The Singing Band has been an existence for a long time, I will say the association was established the very day the Presbyterian Church was established in Techiman, at first, our district was under the Techiman District but we are now under the Tuobodom District, so this gathering is for members of the association within the Tubodom District of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.”

“We are singers that sings to glorify the name of God and promote His church, our role is similar to that of our catechists and pastors, while our catechists and pastors proclaim the word of God through preaching, we do so by singing.

She revealed that, “We will soon go for Presbytery, so we used the three days anniversary as a preparation towards the Presbytery. Mrs. Esther, ceased the occasion to urged all and sundry especially the youth to join the Singing Band to help sustain the association and by so doing help in spreading the word of God.

The event also featured special performances by the singing band, as well as guest appearances from other church choirs and musical groups. The congregation enthusiastically participated in the celebration, singing along and offering their heartfelt congratulations to the Tuobodom District Singing Band.

Rev. Joseph Adu Affum, expressed his hope that the anniversary celebration would serve as a catalyst for the singing band to continue growing and inspiring the congregation for many more years to come.

“The Tuobodom District Singing Band is a true testament to the power of music to bring people and strengthen our faith as we look to the future, I am confident that this group will continue to be a shining example of the transformative impact of the arts in our church and community.” He said