May 30, 2024

It has come to my notice from several social media publications  someone by the name Amuse Bouche alleging that about 11 years ago, at JQB psychology, I insinuated sex to change her grade and make life for her hell at legon.

I do not know JQB psychology at the University of Ghana. But, I know a lecture hall named JQB.

*The* name—Amuse Bouche is not a real name of a human-being.  Someone is behind such a name, and purposely *trying* to defame me.

I want to put on record that, no such event ever occurred that involved me. I do not,  and have never met such a person anywhere in my life.

I would challenge the person making such allegation against me to come out publicly, disclose their identity, officially report me to the university authorities for appropriate redress.

I would want the person accusing me to also come clear on the exact year the alleged incident happened,  the programme pursued, and the course or courses I taught.

I also would encourage any other person that I have taught at the University of Ghana during the years I was a lecturer and have demanded, insinuated and suggested sexual favors in order to alter their grades to come out and say so publicly or report me to the appropriate authorities.

The University of Ghana has a policy in place to address sexual harassment, and takes complaints seriously.  I encourage both the accuser and the university to disclose whether any complaints have been received previously and how they were handled.  This serves as a reminder for the accuser to utilize this option too.

Coming on the back of the unfortunate incident at Ejisu on Tuesday, 30th April, 2024, I see a clear attempt by some persons to deliberately mar, dent and soil my image and reputation built over the years.

I will stand firm as I always do in difficult times, and by the grace of God, I shall overcome and be vindicated at the end.

I want to urge my family, friends, well-wishers and constituents to be calm, and I reassure all that, the alleged incident never ever happened.  It is a blatant lie, orchestrated to discredit and weaken me, but it won’t work.

Thank you.

Kingsley Nyarko, MP, Kwadaso.