May 20, 2024

Mr. Daniel Okrah, the Catechist of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Redemption Congregation, at Jama in the Techiman North District of the Bono East region, has called on the youth in the community to approach the upcoming elections with a clear conscience and to refrain from any form of violence.

Mr. Okrah, emphasized that violence has no place in the democratic process and does not lead to the desired electoral outcomes.

“As citizens of this great nation, it is our responsibility to participate in the electoral process with integrity and respect for the rule of law,”

Mr. Okrah said. “Violence, whether physical or verbal, only serves to undermine the democratic foundations of our society and sow the seeds of division and conflict.

“My advice is simple, voting is the responsibility of every citizen and I see no need for one to engage in any form of violence while executing your responsibility, when the time is due for the elections, go to the polls, vote for your preferred candidate, return home and wait for the declaration of the results.”

The Catechist urged the youth to be mindful of the consequences of their actions and to make informed decisions based on the candidates’ policies and track records, rather than being swayed by empty promises or incitements to violence.

“I call on all of you, especially our young people, to approach the upcoming elections with a clear conscience and a commitment to peaceful and constructive engagement let us be the agents of change that our country needs, not through violence, but through the power of our collective voice and the strength of our convictions.”

“We should all accept the results in good fate because if you engage in any negative behavior, the consequences will be felt by you and your family should anything bad happen.

Mr. Daniel Okrah, further urged the youth especially those in the congregation to seek the face of the Lord before, during, and after the elections to maintain the peace of the country.

The Catechist’s message was well-received by the congregation, who applauded his call for responsible and peaceful participation in the electoral process.

“Mr. Okrah’s words are a timely reminder that the true strength of our democracy lies in the peaceful and lawful exercise of our civic duties,” said one church member. “We must heed his advice and set an example for others to follow.”