May 30, 2024

A fire outbreak at the Atebubu main market has resulted in the destruction of over three shops and goods worth millions of cedis.

The inferno, which began in the early hours of last Saturday 4th May, 2024 around 3:20am, has wreaked havoc as affected traders are still counting their loses.

The extent of the damage is yet to be fully assessed, meanwhile investigations are underway to identify the cause of the fire.

According to reports, the Atebubu Amantin Fire Service Tender is not working and due to this, resident used two tractors filled with water to quench the fire.

An eye witness share her views with the media.

“I saw smoke coming from the market so I was wondering if the smoke was from the coal pot of a lady who was cooking but I later realized that the fire was from one of the stores in the market, so I started shouting for help.

“We tried reaching out to the fire service department but all efforts to reach them was fruitless and as at that time, there was no man around to help us battle the fire, if our effort to reach the fire fighters went through or if we had men at the early stages of the fire, this won’t have happened, we could have quenched the fire early. She said.

Some victims who spoke with our reporter also called on government to come into their aid.

“We were at home when we received a call to come to the market because our place is burning, when we came, we tried to savage some of our belongings but unfortunately, all our belongings are burnt, we have two wholesales in the market and all of them was burnt.

“We are running our businesses with loans, so we are pleading with the government to come to our aid and support us financially.” They cried our.