May 30, 2024

Martin Oti Gyarko, a former Member of Parliament for Techiman North and first Deputy Regional Minister of the Bono East Region, has promised to be an agent of peace before, during, and after the 2024 general elections.

Hon. Gyarko, who is seeking to reclaim the Techiman North parliamentary seat, emphasized the importance of maintaining a peaceful political environment during the upcoming elections.

“We are in an election year, and we should not encourage any form of violence, the youth are mainly responsible for election violence so I will plead with our mothers to sit their children down and advice them against engaging in any violence related activities.”

“We that we need is peace because without peace, nothing can go on in the country as we want so I have personally decided to be an agent of peace to preach against election violence before, during, and after the 2024 elections.” He told our reporter.

Hon. Gyarko, who previously served as the MP for Techiman North, acknowledged the potential for tensions and conflicts to arise during the election period. However, he pledged to work closely with all stakeholders, including political parties, security agencies, and civil society organizations, to promote peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution.

“Violence has no place in our democratic process, as a leader and a public servant, I am committed to ensuring that the people of Techiman North can exercise their democratic rights in a peaceful and secure manner.” He said

Hon. Martin Oti Gyarko, urged the people of Techiman North to go out in their numbers and vote massively for him come December 7th 2024, to propel him to elevate the standard of living at the constituency.