May 20, 2024

Ghanaian award-winning movie actor and producer, Prince David Osei, has disclosed that Nigerians tend to love his works more compared to Ghanaians, based on observations from online streaming.

Prince David stated that Nigerians have embraced the new era of technology and are really taking advantage of it, unlike Ghanaians.

According to him, Nigerians put more effort into appreciating his work, especially by streaming his movies online, compared to Ghanaians.

“This isn’t new to anyone; Nigerians have garnered more attention globally. They have a nice strategy when it comes to marketing and promoting their movies and music internationally, and they do it the right way. In this era of social media and online streaming, it is always necessary to market yourself as a creative in the right way to get the attention needed,” he added.

Prince David continued by weighing in on the conversation about banning foreign music in Ghana and playing 100% Ghanaian songs.

He said that even if DJs successfully stop playing Nigerian songs at parties, weddings, and other events in Ghana, most Ghanaians will still go online to stream their songs because they have made a mark.

He wrote on Facebook:

Dear fellow Ghanaians,
I want to take a moment to address a subject that I believe requires our attention.

It is regarding the support and appreciation we offer to our creative industry, specifically in the realm of music and entertainment.

It is no secret that our neighboring country, Nigeria, has gained tremendous global recognition for their music.

They have managed to market and promote their music effectively, captivating audiences all over the world. In the era of social media, proper marketing is crucial to ensure the impact and success of our creative endeavors.

Even if the DJs were to stop playing Nigerian music at parties and events, Ghanaians would still stream Nigerian music worldwide.

This is a reality we must acknowledge. Artists like Black Sheriff, King Promise, Sark, Stonebwoy, Gyakie to mention but few, have witnessed their music being streamed more in Nigeria than in Ghana.

Furthermore, as an actor, I have come to notice that Nigerians tend to stream my movies more than Ghanaians. It is disheartening to see that a significant portion of the views on some of my movies on YouTube , reaching over 1.5 million, come from Nigeria specifically.

Ghanaians should learn to appreciate and support our own talents, just as Nigerians do.

This issue goes beyond the platform provided by PLAYGHANA. Until we change our mindset, show love, and pay more attention to our musicians, actors, sportsmen, and other creatives, nothing will change.

In this era of social media, we cannot force anyone to listen to a certain kind of music or watch specific movies.

However, we can make a difference by shifting our focus towards our own local talents and giving them the love and support they deserve.

Let us break free from the influence of foreign telenovelas that constantly air on our screens. Our families have become accustomed to them, but it is up to us to change this trend.

Only through appreciation and support can we uplift and celebrate our own celebrities and superstars.

I urge you all to join me on this journey of embracing and magnifying the rich talents that we possess as Ghanaians.

Together, we can make a difference and bring forth a brighter future for our creative industry.
Thank you, and may God bless us all.