May 30, 2024

The Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV has once again raised concerns over the state of Ghana’s economy and the governance of the country.

Recently, Togbe Afede hit hard on the Nana Addo led NPP government by listing rots under the NPP government in his new book titled, ‘Our Self-Inflicted Monumental Economic Crisis’,.

Among other things, he cited payment to directors and employees of non-existent Keta Port, monies lost in the failed award of ECG to PDS, abandoned projects, sale of government vehicles and their replacement after four years or less, and expenditure on new voters’ registration, have been wasteful.

But this time, Togbe Afede called on the Members of Parliament (MPs) to enact laws that will promote the development of the country.

He said Ghanaians deserve better so there is the need to ensure that every citizen is benefited from the tax paying money.

Speaking at the Public Forum commemorating 30 years of uninterrupted parliamentary democracy under the fourth republic at the Technical University Auditorium in Ho, Togbe Afede XIV indicated that there should be development that will reduce burden on ordinary Ghanaian and enhance standard of living.

“We all desire democracy, good governance, effective governance, but what we desire most as a people is development. Development that brings incomes to the people enhances living standards, and improves basic necessities of life, including job opportunities for our graduating students,” he stated.

Togbe Afede is one of the people who have been criticizing the NPP government to ensure accountability and enhance development.

The theme of the 30-year celebration of Ghana’s parliament is “30 Years of Parliamentary Democracy under the Fourth Republic: the Journey Thus Far.”

The Public Forum brought together MPs, Parliamentary Service staff, political parties, academics, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), security services personnel, traditional leaders, religious leaders, students, and the general public.