May 20, 2024

It is said that we should abandon our past and focus on the current situation but this is contrary to the life of Ghanaian Actor Abraham Davis, popularly known as ‘Salinko’.

He said his past challenges and experiences in relationships has forced him to change his attitude towards women.

Salinko revealed that this sudden change of character is sometimes affecting his wife but he has no option.

According to a renowned actor, his wife is struggling and facing problems but to avoid repeating his past mistakes he has to adopt this lifestyle to save his marriage.

From the look of things, Salinko doesn’t trust his colleagues anymore when it comes to his marriage issues.

He explained that the way a lady cheated on him has taught him a lesson and brought this sudden change of attitude towards women.

“ So I found out that to avoid repeating those mistakes I did before, If you ask my wife now, she’ll tell you she is facing some problems. Sometimes she doesn’t understand me, It is said that we should abandon our past but sometimes we have to learn some lessons from our past. My wife will tell you I am a tough man. I have become very strict and cautious. I never thought of that but now it is not easy for me to allow my wife to snap a photo with another man” He stated.

Speaking in an interview monitored by, he revealed that someone came to his house in Accra and claimed his ex and his baby.

“A lady I was once dating for a while, got pregnant and gave birth and I looked after the child, took up responsibilities but one day, someone showed up that the child was his. This woman is someone everyone around me knows. All my colleagues knew her, not knowing I wasn’t the only one she was dating” He revealed.

“In fact, I couldn’t think far, you see, Lil Win use I don’t think far as a joke but is a serious subject paa. I couldn’t think far. I was in Kumasi so I went to Accra. They told me someone came and looked for me claiming that my ex and my baby are for him. I took the next available flight to Kumasi and asked them to leave my house before I arrived,” Salinko recounted.

Salinko maintained that he has no other option than to be strict on his wife.