May 30, 2024

The leader of the Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro has challenged President Akufo-Addo to give him the National Cathedral contract with an estimation of 58 million dollars if his desire to construct a National Cathedral for the country will not come to pass.

He said it is unfortunate that a lot of money has been spent on the project but only a pit can be found.

According to him, churches are building big structures with their little resources without any support from the government so 58 million dollars is enough to complete the National Cathedral project.

“You are building a house for God with such blood on it. I am a builder. If you give me $58 million dollars I will give you a structure. I was using the Church of Pentecost, Presbyterian church, Roman Catholic church, Light House, ICGC was forty years last three weeks we celebrated with them even church can administer things perfectly.” He stated.

Delivering a sermon at his church, the man of God indicated that the government is using the name of God to steal from the Nation coffers.

“Where is God in this government? Where does God stand in the Jubilee House? Does our president fear God? Why is it that this National Cathedral has robbed this nation’s coffers? 58 million dollars. And all we have is a pit, a big whole, $58 million, where is God in that? You have stolen to a point that even building a house for God in the past four four years we go about and put a chain on the neck of Founders with hard and reputation. People that have served God for years without any dent we make them trustees and we go behind them and steal.” Prophet Oduro said.

Adding that some churches have built 20, 000 capacity structures and more without police, soldiers and constitution behind them but they use the word of God to develop a system.

“They don’t have legislations behind them, they have no police, soldiers, constitution behind them, they use the word of God from here to a nation and they can be able to develop a system, this pastor should go here, this is in charge of this area and so forth and nobody is chopping money. Look at the kind of church building we have built, look at the Oil Dome 20, 000 capacity, look at Perez Dome 10, 000 capacity, look at structure, look at Christ Temple East 15, 000 capacity. We are building structures and the National Cathedral can not be built.” Prophet Oduro indicated.

“Our brothers, the Muslim never spent one cent from national coffers, they have built their National Mosque, we are here fighting to take national money you don’t have hospitals.” He added.