May 20, 2024

The Food and Drug Authority and Customs Division, have visited the Techiman South Central Market to inspect suspected and smuggled cooking oils in the market.

The visit by the FDA was to cease such oils since they are not regulatory and also ensure food safety, consumer protection, and compliance with quality standards.

Officials of the FDA revealed that, there are numerous cooking oils that have been smuggled into the country and it’s their mandate to inspect markets across the country to get rid of such cooking oils and protect the right and health of consumers.

“Taking enforcement actions such as seizing, condemning, or disposing of expired or unsafe cooking oils, demonstrates the commitment of regulatory agencies in upholding food safety standards, regularoty compliance, and public health protection.” An officer told our reporters.

The President of Artisanal Palm Oil Miller’s and out Growers Association of Ghana who doubles as the Head of Vegaetable and Palm Oil of the Food and Drug Authority, Mr. Paul Kwabena Amaning, in an interview with the media, explained that, the exercise they have undertake at the Techiman South Central Market, is a nationwide exercise to check on the intake of suspected goods and food products in the various markets in the country.

“We started this exercise six month ago, and all that we do is to visit big markets in the various cities to fish out those who have smuggled or buying suspected oils in the country and then hand them over the appropriate agencies.”

“So today we are here with with Customs and FDA to inspect brands that are susoecious and if found any, the custom and the FDA for further action.” He said

However, he applauded traders especially those who are involved in the trading of cooking oils for their cooperation during the exercise and disclosed that none of the suspected oils were found in the Techiman Market.

“We were expecting to see a lot of such oils in the market but we didn’t say any, I’m happy that our traders are not engaging in the trading of smuggled oils.” He stated

Nevertheless, Mr. Paul Kwabena Amaning warned oil suppliers and retailers to desist from smuggling oils into the country.

“If you know you are selling any oil and it’s not acceptable brand, we will arrest and prosecute you because it is illegal so put a stop to it.”

“We are aware that some people adulterate palm oils and we will soon take action against such people.” Mr. Paul Kwabena Amaning disclosed.