May 22, 2024

The Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission, Dr. Serebour Quaico, has revealed that it would be very challenging for the Electoral Commission to approve the use of drones at polling stations during the December polls.

He explained that, the constitutiona Instrument used for the elections designate polling stations as security zones and therefore will be extremely difficult for the Electoral Commission or Ghana Police Service to permit the use of drones at the polling stations.

Dr. Quaico, said it is important e important to maintain the integrity, security, and confidentiality of the electoral process, especially in sensitive areas like polling stations.

The NDC through its Greater Accra Regional Chairman, Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, stated that, the party has put measures in place to ensure the deployment of drones during the December polls in order to secure two million votes for the party.

However, Dr. Quaicoe disclosed that, the Electoral Commission is yet to receive official notification from the NDC regarding the deployment of drones.

“Polling stations are security zones so they would have to apply to the security people for permission to be granted, they would have to apply to the Electoral Commission for the Commission to grant them the permission”

“But my point is how comfortable will you feel when going to vote in the polling station and there is a drone hovering around you, so at times they will say but it will be difficult for the Electoral Commission or the police to approve people to be using drones at polling stations. ”

” The fact remains that, polling stations are security zones, we want to ensure the secrecy of the ballot.” He revealed

The Electoral Commission’s decision to exercise caution regarding the use of drones at polling stations reflects its commitment to upholding the principles of free, fair, and transparent elections, protecting the privacy and safety of voters, and ensuring the credibility and reliability of the electoral results.