May 22, 2024

Dr. Serebour Quaico, the Director of Electoral Services for the Electoral Commission, says the Electoral Commission of Ghana is yet to be informed officially about the passing of the late Deputy Finance Minister, John Kumah.

He disclosed that, one Parliament notified the Commission about the demise of the Late Ejisu Member of Parliament, the Electoral Commission will organize a by-election in the Ejisu constituency.

The decision to hold a by-election is necessary to fill the vacant seat in the constituency and ensure that the constituents have representation in Parliament.

By calling for a by-election, the Electoral Commission upholds the democratic process, allowing voters in the affected constituency to exercise their right to choose a new representative who will serve their interests and address their needs.

Asked if the EC will conduct a by-elections at Ejisu in the midst of the preparation towards the December polls, Dr. Quaicoe stated that, the preparation towards the general elections does not forbid the EC from conducting a by-elections when a vacancy occurs provided that vacancy occurred more that three months prior to the general election.

He revealed that the commission has no choice than to conduct a by-elections at Ejisu once they are officially informed by the passing of the late John Kumah by Parliament since it is left with more than three months for the general elections to take place.

“It’s left with more than three months, if you look at the article 112 as amended, when a vacancy occurs less than three months, we will not do by-elections but if it’s more than three months, the commission is enjoined to organize by-election.”

“So once the Commission is officially informed, we will kick start the process to have the by-election, we have no choice, it’s what the constitution demands of us, it is a constitutional mandate.”

He further disclosed that, “when  Parliament gets to know of it, the Clerk of Parliament should inform us not less than seven weeks and if we also hear of it, once it’s not less than 3 months to general elections, we will conduct a by-election.” He said.