May 30, 2024

A Nigerian Woman is not only battling to conceive after 20 years in marriage but she is now in agony after her husband legally married her daughter she brought into her husband’s house.

According to the woman whose name withheld, she came into her husband’s house with her five year daughter whose biological father denied the pregnancy.

She said her husband took the responsibilities to take care of the girl as his own to the extent that he gave his stepdaughter his surname.

“I got married in a traditional ceremony to my husband, 20 years ago. I’m from Ughelli South and my husband is from Isoko North, both in Delta State. We relocated from Delta State to Lagos State, immediately after we got married. I came into my husband’s house with my five year old daughter whose pregnancy her father denied. My husband took up the responsibility of raising her as his own and even gave her his surname.” She said.

“Today, she is not only a certified Estate Surveyor, but very lucky to be in the employment of one of the leading firms in Nigeria. My husband and I, inspite of putting in our best efforts, have been unable to conceive since we got married.”

The woman indicated that her daughter was for an unknown man but she supported the girl with everything a mother can do and suddenly, gave birth to a son who looks like her husband but because the husband gave her daughter his surname, she didn’t think otherwise.

“About two years ago, my daughter got pregnant by an unknown man. Having walked that road before, I insisted on her keeping the baby and gave her my whole support. She gave birth to a son, who in a strange way takes after my husband in looks. My husband and I were happy to be grandparents. We both doted on the baby.”

“By now my daughter was already on her own. My husband bought her a very expensive car as a gift for making him proud as a father. Since she bears my husband’s surname, I didn’t think it out of place when she gave his surname to my grandson since his father was unknown.”

The woman revealed that she got to know that her husband and his stepdaughter had a court wedding after her daughter fell sick.

“Few weeks ago, my daughter fell ill, and had to be admitted. My husband who always took it upon himself to be by her side in times like this, was on official assignment outside the country. The responsibility of caring for her and my grandson became solely mine.

“For the first time, I had access to my daughter’s bedroom, as she had made it clear to me that her room was off limits to me. Since she and the baby needed a change of clothes, I had to enter her room to get them.

“That was when I discovered the biggest shock and betrayal of my life. Adorning her bedroom walls were pictures of her and my husband in intimate postures. Even the ones from their court wedding were pasted on the walls.” She revealed.