May 20, 2024

The Deputy Secretary for the National Democratic Congress in the United States of America, Okyeame Kofi Adu, has called on all Ghanaians who are 18 years and above to get registered in the ongoing voters registration exercise.

Speaking to reporters, Okyeame Kofi Adu emphasized the importance of every eligible citizen exercising their democratic right to vote.

He explained that, “voting is our civic duty as Ghanaians to participate in the electoral process and make our voices heard. I urge all who are of age to take the necessary steps to get registered as voters so that they can fulfill this obligation come December 2024.”

He noted that, voter registration is the first crucial step in the electoral cycle, as it ensures that citizens are properly enfranchised and able to cast their ballots on election day. He expressed concern that low voter turnout could undermine the legitimacy of the electoral outcome and called on all Ghanaians to play their part in strengthening the country’s democracy.

“Our democracy can only thrive when we have an engaged and informed citizenry. I implore everyone eligible to register as a voter and exercise this fundamental right. Together, we can shape the future of our nation,” Okyeame Kofi Adu said

He stressed that, Ghana and NDC party needs the votes of those 18 and above, Floating voter’s, even NPP member’s who are fed up with their government to enable the NDC to “reset Ghana.”

He made mention of some technical challenges the Electoral Commission faced during the first of the exercise.

“Their were challenges of Network services yesterday at some registration centres in Volta/Oti Region, and some other parts of the country, which we don’t want to believe that is one of those political gimmicks.” He said

The ongoing voter registration exercise is being conducted by the Electoral Commission of Ghana in preparation for the 2024 general elections.