May 30, 2024

In a commendable effort to prioritize mental health, the Bono East Regional Health Directorate, has launched the World Purple Month campaign to create widespread awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

The launch event, which was held at the Bono East Regional Health Directorate in Kintampo, brought together key stakeholders from the healthcare sector, government agencies, civil society organizations, and the general public to sensitize them on mental health issues.

This year’s World Purple Month is being celebrated under the theme, “Movement: Moving More for Mental Health”

In an exclusive interview with Classic FM, monitored by, the Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Fred Adomako, emphasized the importance of addressing mental health concerns in the region saying mental health is an integral part of overall well-being, yet it is often overlooked or stigmatized.

“This month has been dedicated to create awareness about mental health hence the name purple month and our theme for this year’s purple month is Movement: Moving More for Mental Health, if we will remember, a lot of people were under stress during the covid-19 era and that resulted in a lot of mental issues.

“In 2021, the Director General for WHO Dr. Tefdros, introduced a special initiative that within five (5) years, at least 500 million people suffering with mental health will get access to health care.

“We also wants to reduce suicidal cases by 15% and also 15 out of 10% of individuals with severe mental health issues will also get access to health care, so this is the target set by WHO and if you come to Ghana, our target is within this 5 years, at least 5.2 million people will get access to mental health care.” He said

Dr. Adomakio further explained that, the Bono East region is furtune to be among the six regions selected to celebrate this year’s World Purple Month across the country.

“Six regions across Ghana including the Bono East region are to ensure the country reaches its target so today, we met with all relevant stake holders including Chief Imam, clergy, herbal medicine practitioners, traditional authorities, Christian Association Health of Ghana including political leadership and sensitized them on mental health and find solution on how best to tackle mental health in the Bono East region and Ghana as a whole.

“One thing that popup during our discussion is that, everybody attest to the fact that, they have individuals in their various houses suffering from mental health issues so most of them they attributed it to spiritual problem and instead of bringing such people to the hospital to receive health care, they will be sending them to other places.” He explained

Dr. Fred Adomako continued,” although we agreed that prayers are good but after all the prayers, they must send them to the nearest health care facility to receive professional treatment.”

The World Purple Month initiative will feature a series of activities and events throughout the month, including mental health screening clinics, educational workshops, media campaigns, and community outreach programs.

The Bono East Regional Health Directorate’s commitment to this campaign underscores its dedication to improving the overall health and well-being of the region’s population. Residents are encouraged to participate in the various activities and lend their support to this important cause.