May 30, 2024

On 8th May, depicted the day for the Veep, thus, the forthcoming President paid a call on the valued citizens of Sunyani, the Bono Region for cerebral, governmental and enlightenment of his wholesale presidential policies _ this is the primitive endeavor for such effort to be unearthed. Since, the Veep perennial stance is carved on inclusivity, he embarked on his initial engagement with the clergymen in this region. Subsequently, other stakeholders were interfaced along the line, more particularly our market women and men. Our venerated and astute elders within the corridors of Sunyani were privileged to make pow – wow with the Veep. In fact, every Tom, Dick and Harry had the latitude to confer with the Veep and also divulged his/her inclinations to him in return.

The acme of these trysts was stationed at the Sunyani Technical University, where it was captioned ” Youths Connect “. A medium mounted for the youths to probe the Veep with questions respecting his policies, which they might see it as nebulous. The Veep graced that occasion with dignified entourage including Mr. Ayesu Stephen Ntim ( the National Chairman for the NPP), Hon. Fred Oware ( the Senior Advisor to the Veep), Hon. Justina – Owusu Banahene (Bono Regional Minister), Hon. Paul Apreku Twum (Minister and MP, Dormaa East ), Hon. Nana Ayew Afriyie (MP, Effiduase/Asokore), Hon. Ignatius Baffour Awuah (MP and Minister, Sunyani West), Hon. Ameyaw Cheremeh (MP, Sunyani East),Hon. Kwaku Agyemang Manu (MP, Dormaa Central), Lawyer Tuah Yeboah (Dept. Attorney General), Mr. John Boadu (Fmr. General Secretary), Commander Salam Mustapha ( National Youth Organizer) etc.

Dr. Bawumia when on the floor appreciated and underscored the massive projects undertaken by his Government, the NPP. He articulated how they have been able to invent over 2.1 million jobs to truncate job deficiencies in the Country, through the emergence of STEM and YEA as the dominant job creators and also accentuated some of the applaudable social interventions driven by the NPP Government, whereas, the free SHS was given a stylish mention. He denoted that, under the aegis of the Free SHS, we have recorded a minimal amount of illiteracy in the Country. Also, the free SHS has intensified and ameliorated our educational regime, in that, three students from this Country were adjudged as the overall best students’ in the 2023 WASSCE results. On records, 2.5 million Students’ have benefited from the free SHS policy from 2017/2018 to 2022/2023, which has been extensively proliferated as of now.

On the Agricultural sector, he gave a factual recognition of the incremental cocoa values, such that, the producer price has been parachuted by 58.26% from Gh¢ 20, 928.00 per tonne or around ¢21 per kilogram to Gh¢ 33,120.00 per tonne for the rest of the 2022/2023 season.

He further stated that, there have been significant improvements on the health sector, vomiting out the fact of the materialism and usage of the drones, in which, it has enhanced the delivery of Medical accoutrements at the fastest pace_ the enterprise, the opposition party labelled it as ‘ unattainable’. He said, as of now, over 300 hospitals have been networked to ostracize patients from queuing up a lengthy lines for their folders whenever they attend hospitals. Such arduous exercise has been precluded to facilitate the swiftness of the works done at the various health related premises.
He pledged that, sooner than later, all Teaching Hospitals, Regional Hospitals etc would be effected with the same system.

The Veep delightfully indicated that, their promise of 1- Constituency – 1- ambulance has been fulfilled long time.
If we can remember unequivocally, on Tuesday, 28th January, 2019, the President commissioned and presented 307 new, state – of – the – art ambulances to the National Ambulance Service (NAS) . The President said, the 307 ambulances are ” fitted with advanced life support equipment and tracking devices”

The portion which overwhelmed our hearts was when he said that, he would digitalize our lands, so that, there won’t be land disputes and dins again. In the recent times, this syndrome has become endemic at every nook and cranny. But the introduction of the land digitalization would be an effective panacea for this elongated juggernauts.
He apprised us that, the land digitalization would entail the encyclopedic details of the owner and would also contain some relevant informations about the legitimate owner as well.

With alacrity, he assured the Nursing students’ present there that, their allowances would be paid on regular basis when elected into power, unlike his visionary impaired antagonist, who barricaded the various allowances instituted by the former presidents in the name to satisfy his egocentric longing.
And the Veep added that, since health facilities would be engineered under agenda 111, he won’t under his Presidential era, shilly – shally their postings once they complete their nursing education.

Eventually, he once again presented an obsecration to the youths to exercise their franchises for him, since he is the epitome of the verified future for the youths and the next generations against the exhausted quintessence of the past, John Mahama.

By : Prof. Dinkum.
(The Buzzing Rapine of Erudition).

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