July 24, 2024

The news about ECOWAS single currency ECO has met with several reactions on social media.

Central Bank Governors from the 15 Economic Community of West African States have initiated plans to launch ECO aimed at enhancing economic growth and development throughout the West African sub-region.

Reacting to this, some people believe it is possible and can help the continent only if the leaders are serious. Others also suggest that the leaders should make it easy for Africans to move freely within the continent first.




“The same currency that will still do the dictates of their “Western lord”. We all know how ECOWAS works and we know that Nigeria’s president is the chairman of ECOWAS Think this true before you celebrate rubbish”

“Tired of hearing When will it work out? Too much speaking yearly”

“One of the signs. If you know, you know.”

“A very good idea. Any media of transactions within the ecowas states should be use. That’s if corruption will not interfere… let see how well it goes. Looking forward to see how dollar will crash.”

“So if e high pass dollar… i come bill! south african client come pay me 30k Eco… money wey dey Echo!!!”

“This is a very good development, but I think African union should come up with something like this wre we can have our African central bank and we can control our resources to the betterment of Africa and Africans .”

“They should make it easy for African to move freely within eachother first”

“It’s should be entire Africa not ECOWAS owned west alone and the currency  should be gold coins not some hit of paper’s”

“They’ve been saying this for 5 years now. Until I see evidence or pictures of the currency, I’m not wasting my time”

“We are nolonger interested in your new currency. Those benefiting from the neo-colonialists should be counting their days as all that structure is going down.”

“Hmm, I’m seeing Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. Are they still members of the Ecowas? They left and you guys are still drawing them in, it’s not by force nau. This currency brouhaha can not work, let it slide.”

“If Brexit can work, so can Ecowas, it’s high time we strengthen our economies. If only the leaders are serious and willing.”

“Is it possible with nigeria currency and economy in ruins! So what next and how do we fit in the scheme of things!!!”

Source: Elvisanokyenew.com