July 24, 2024

Chef Ebenezer Smith, popularly known as Chef Smith has apologized to Ghanaians after presenting a fake certificate and claimed that he is the current record holder of longest cooking marathon by an individual.

Chef Smith was seen in a video on his knees with tears alongside two women pleading for forgiveness.

According to him, he has committed a big sin and he doesn’t even deserve to live but Ghanaians should forgive him.

“I am appealing to Ghanaians, I am appealing to the president and his vice, I am appealing to former First Lady, Mrs Lordina Mahama and her husband, Nana boloo, Chef Association of Ghana, I am appealing to every Ghanaian and the world who came and supported me. I am appealing to Ghanaians to forgive me my sin, I have commited a big sin and I don’t even deserve to live again, please forgive me.” He pleaded.

Chef Smith revealed that his cook-a-thon attempt was fake because Guinness World Records didn’t approve him.

He explained that he intentionaly did that in order to get an opportunity to show the world his cooking ability that can eventually give him opportunities in order to cater for his family.

“Please have mercy on me and my family, what I am saying is that my cook-a-thon was not true, I registered for the cook-a-thon but they didn’t approve of me. I wanted an opportunity to showcase the talent God has given to the world that brought the whole thing. I wanted the opportunity as a young man to help my family” Chef Smith explained.

His apology came after Guinness World Records declared his certificate as fake.

The Chef Association of Ghana also revealed that Chef Smith is not a registered member of the association and described his conduct was unfortunate.

Chef Smith announced at a press conference at the La Palm Beach Hotel on Tuesday, June 2, 2024 claimed that he was the current record holder of  the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com