May 30, 2024

Like any other person who has good and bad experiences in their profession, Ghanaian singer, Wendy Asiamah Addo, popularly known as Wendy Shay has shared her experience on challenges she faced when she came to the music industry.

According to her, she received death threats from many people on social media just to bully her.

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM monitired, Wendy Shay stated that those who sent her those death threats use fake accounts which were difficult to trace.

“I faced a lot of backlash and other things, I actually missed important messages, I got a message from Twitter and at that time it was new and I missed it so that is why we actually decided I am going to have my team members also logging into the account because I actually faced a lot of backlash, I had death threat ad all that when I came to the industry.” She said,

“You can’t even find the people, some people use fake accounts so you can’t not really trace them. We actually traced their account and realised that some of them use fake accounts just to bully me” The singer added.

According to her, the way people were threatening her on social media when she came to the music industry forced her to stop reading messages on social media.

Wendy Shay said sometimes she misses important messages but she doesn’t have any other option than to do that and protect her name.

“I don’t read my comment ooo, I don’t read my comments but if for instance some people like you comment, my managers tell me because I have faced a lot of cyber bully so I told myself to heel and to also protect my sanity I am not always in there but once a while I can go there and check what is going on” She revealed.