May 30, 2024

Ghanaian artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr. logic has vowed to sue Kumawood actor and comedian, Kwadwo Nkansah widely known as Lilwin for saying he (Mr. Logic) uses weed toffee.

According to Mr. Logic the allegation is embarrassing and that he will not take it as a joke.

Speaking on Hitz FM, monitored by, the entertainment pundit indicated that he will not take the matter lightly.

“I don’t even like the way he plays jokes with my name because he took the video, posted the video and posted himself then he will be reacting to the comments and the insults. So I went and commented under the post that this statement has really worked for me so I am happy for you” He said.

“And now he has granted an interview saying that I use weed toffee, that one I am taking it personal and I am not taking it lightly, I am saying this in Hitz FM this morning and I am telling Lil Win that in the next few days his suit will be ready and it will surprise Ghanaians. You can not come in public, Lilwin, and say that I take weed toffee and the weed toffee is not good for me, were you there? Have you seen me taking wee toffee? All jokes aside this particularly I will not take it lightly with Lilwin”Mr. Logic stated.

He said he has not insulted Lil Win or attacked him in any way but was just defending the name of Ghana that is why he suggested the actor should have recruited Ghanaian actors to play the role their Nigerian counterparts played in his movie.

“I will show him that I am a serious guy because that day I didn’t say anything against him, I didn’t insult him, I didn’t attack him, you can playback the video I was only defending the name of Ghana saying why didn’t you have Ghanaians to play some of these parts that you are bring Nigerians to play. That is all I said, now this guy is calling me a weed toffee. All I am saying is that those who listen to Hitz FM this morning should tell Lil Win that this is not a matter of joke, I am serious about it and I am suing him and we will meet in court for saying that I use weed toffee.” He explained.