May 30, 2024

Deputy Ranking Member on the Education Committee & Member, Public Accounts Committee, Dr. Clement Abass Apaak has hailed the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government for the implementation of the Free SHS policy.

According to him, the introduction of the policy has increased enrollment since it has reduced the financial barrier of parents who don’t have the requisite resources to finance secondary education.

“For example, we can not deny the statistics that with the introduction of the policy, we have seen an increase in enrollments but we must also not forget that it is one thing to talk about the enrollment, it is another thing to talk about detention and completion. Enrollment has gone up because an important financial barrier per the policy objective has been eliminated allowing for children who otherwise come from families who don’t have the requisite resources to finance the secondary education to get education.” The Member of Parliament for Builsa South said this during national dialogue on Joy News monitored by

He therefore called on the government to put in place measures to address challenges facing the policy.

He reiterated that the Free SHS policy is good so addressing its challenges will help the country to get the full benefits it provides

“From where I sit, we believe as the NDC because that is the party I represent that the free senior high school in its current form is a good policy but we also believe that it is challenged and we believe that as a nation we all to look at what we can do to address the challenges so that the benefit that we are getting from will be magnified.” Clement Apaak stated.

The MP also called state officials who manage the resources in the country to do the needful in order for the government to get adequate resources to address the challenges facing the policy.

“So whiles we accept and agreed as most Ghanaians that the policy is a good policy, we also have been advocating and calling attention to those who have been entrusted by the power of the state with the ability to utilize our resources for our good to do the needful by addressing the challenges hollistically.” He stressed.