July 24, 2024
The Bono East Regional Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Education Service, Mr. Anthony Kobla Abochi, has urged parents to create a comfortable environment for their children as they sit for this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).
Mr. Abochi said by reducing household chores, parents can help their children to attain a sound mind, allowing them to focus on revising their notes and performing well in the upcoming exam.
According to him, it is essential for parents to support their children in every way possible, which includes alleviating some of the daily burdens, such as household chores, parents can help their children clear their minds and concentrate on their studies. A calm and focused mind according to him is crucial for effective learning and retention of information.

“We are pleading with parents to reduce the house chores they give to their children especially during the five days that they will be writing the exams. Parents must allow their children to feel comfortable whiles writing this year’s BECE.

“We are hopeful that this year’s BECE will be a successful one, the parents must do their possible best to provide their children with all the supports they will need as they write the exams.

Abochi emphasized that parents play a vital role in their children’s academic success and should do everything in their power an environment that fosters learning and growth. “By taking a few simple steps, such as reducing household chores, parents can make a significant difference in their children’s ability to succeed in the BECE,” he said.
He further cautioned teachers and invigilators alike, to desist from engaging in any activity that will compromise the integrity of the examination as the law will deal with any one who is found guilty of engaging in any form of examination malpractices.
“WAEC, Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, the Regional Directorate of Education, and District and Municipal Directorate of Education, we have external supervisors, personals from the Ghana Police Service and BNI who will be monitoring the examination.

“If any teacher is caught doing anything that is against the rules and regulations of this examination, he or she will be dealt with according to the rules and regulations of WAEC.

“Its not easy to get your certificate as teacher so please, don’t be attempted to do anything that will make you loose your certificate, allow the learners to write the examination themselves and we believe that the learners are very much capable to pass this examination.” He explained.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com