May 20, 2024
The Agona Royal Family of Daa in the Bekwai Municipality of the Ashanti Region has appealed to His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to intervene on their behalf, adding that we are turning into slaves in our own land.
According to the family,they do not have freedom to do anything nor touch anything of their own because of chieftaincy issues which has rendered them powerless as royals of the community.
They indicated that they have not been able to install a new chief since the death of the late Nana Kwaku Owusu Ababio who died five years ago.
The family further noted that this is as a result of the chieftaincy issue between them and the Adankrangya Manhene which has been presented before Him, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.
They further stressed that,Nana Oppong Frenyam, the Adankrangya Manhene has incited some residents of the community including the wife of the late Nana Kwaku Owusu Ababio to torment the lives of the family members.
“They intentionally provoke us and when we retaliate they intimate us with the Ahwiaa Divisional Police Command of the Ashanti South Region, adding that the Adankrangya Manhene later support the person financially to push the matter with the intention of sentencing the family members into prison”,they said.
Speaking to newsmen on  Friday, March 22,2024, following the arrest of three of their family members for farming on a portion of the family’s lands which the wife of the late Nana Owusu who was the former chief is claiming ownership.
“This is not the first time the wife of the late chief has called for the arrest of members of the Royal Family but the second time of which the first arrest she initiated was when the family asked her to move her personal belongings out of the room she shared with her late husband which was a room at the palace to the house the late Nana Owusu had built for her children including one daughter of the aforementioned wife in order for the family to lock the door to the room until the deceased Nana Kwaku Owusu Ababio is buried as custom demand.
We have been quite enough not that we cannot fight the Adankrangya Manhene,but we respect and believe in His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II so much that he will hear our humble plea and deal with this issue to avoid any unwanted misunderstanding in the community in order to restore peace”,they added.
In other words,they highlighted that the chieftaincy issue has retarded development in the community.
On the other hand,the family pleaded with the Ashanti South Regional Police Command to look into this matter well and know what’s really happening in the community rather than taking sides in reports they get from people who oppose the movement of the Royal Family in the community to restore peace.