May 20, 2024

Newly enstooled Queen for Konimase Area 2 at the Techiman Traditional Area, Nana Krowaa Ackah I, has urged the youth especially young ladies to concentrate on their education and desist from “boyfriend, girlfriend relationships.

Nana Krowaa Ackah I, in an interview with newsmen emphasized on the potential risks and consequences associated with such relationships, highlighting the impact it can have on their education and future prospects, she said, ’’these relationship results in teenage pregnancy and that has the tendency of destroying the live of the girl child”

By warning young ladies about the dangers of teenage pregnancy, Nana Krowaa Ackah I, seeks to prevent school dropouts and protect young ladies from the negative effects that early motherhood can have on their lives.

She said, “I want to raise awareness about the importance of making responsible choices, prioritizing education, and planning for a successful future for the girl child that is free from the challenges and hardships that teenage pregnancy can bring.”

Nana Krowaa Ackah I, further encouraged young ladies to make informed decisions, seek assistance when needed, and strive for a brighter, more fulfilling future that is not hindered with unnecessary relationships which may lead to teenage pregnancy and subsequently its consequences.

Nana Krowaa Ackah I, pledged to collaborate with the Chief of Konimase Area 2, Nana Kromo Ackaa and the Techiman Traditional Council to ensure the development of Konimase Area 2 and Techiman as a whole.

Education remains the major priority of the government of Ghana, hence the introduction of the free SHS policy.

Enrollment has increased since the implementation of the Free SHS policy by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.