May 30, 2024

The Bono East Regional Director of the Ghana Library Authority, Mrs. Shallot Nsiah Tabiri, ha encouraged students to regularly visit libraries within the  country.

She explained that, the regular visit to libraries by students within the  Bono East region and Ghana at large will help them to cultivate the habit of reading while utilizing library resources to enhance their education and intellectual development.

She revealed that, there are over 147 libraries nationwide of which 3 are located in the Bono East region. Mrs. Shallot Nsiah Tabiri, further disclosed that, all the national are fully stocked with over thousand books.

Mrs. Tabiri said this while she was outdooring Mr.James Arthur, as the Municipal librarian at the Atebubu Amantin Municipal Assembly.

“We have over 147 libraries nationwide, we currently have 3 libraries in Bono East, the Atebubu Amantin library was handed over to the Ghana Library Authority on 14th October.

“We have stocked the library with books, we have over thousand books currently in this library and all other libraries across the country. We now have our permanent staff, in the person of Mr. James Arthur, who has been posted at Atebubu as the municipal librarian, so the library is now officially open and we have books and computers ready to be used.” She said.

By urging students to frequent libraries, Mrs. Shallot Nsiah Tabiri aims to promote a culture of reading, research, and lifelong learning among young learners. She highlights the value of libraries as valuable sources of information, knowledge, and inspiration that can support academic achievement, critical thinking, and personal growth for students of all ages and backgrounds.

The Bono East Regional Director of the Ghana Library Authority, urged parents to encourage their children to visit the library frequently to help cultivate the habit of reading in their children.

“Let’s encourage our children to visit it always, I will plead with parents to restrict their children on watching of television, you can allow them to watch news but after that, turnoff the television and send them to the library to cultivate the habit of reading and sustain that habit as well.” She disclosed.