May 22, 2024

Mrs. Shallot Nsiah Tabiri, the Bono East Regional Director of the Ghana Library Authority, , has called on the various Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies to construct more libraries in their respective area of jurisdiction.

According to her, the construction of libraries within the country will go a long way to improve the standard of education in the country by increasing access to library facilities and resources for students, educators, and communities across the region.

Mrs. Shallot Nsiah Tabiri, aims to address the critical need for educational infrastructure, promote literacy, and support lifelong learning for individuals of all ages and backgrounds hence her call for more libraries to be built. She stressed that, libraries as essential hubs of knowledge, information, and community engagement that can empower citizens, facilitate research, and foster intellectual growth and development.

She revealed that, her outfit is ready to support the libraries with books and staff to ensure the smooth running of the facilities and encouraged all and sundry to visit public libraries since its open for all.

“We will plead with all Municipal Assemblies to build the libraries to build the libraries for us, Ghana Library Authority will takeover, support them with books and support them with staff.”

“Public Libraries are open to the general public from childhood to adulthood, we know that not all parents have the financial muscle to buy computers for their children but thanks to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), we have over 40 desktop computers so when they come to the library, we will teach them how to hold a mouse, shout down a computer and learn typing, we also have a lot of books so once they come to register, they will get a book to read every week and that will help to improve the standard of education in the country.