May 20, 2024

The Founding and President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Reverend Dr. Lawrence Nene Kofi Tetteh has described politics in Ghana as immature.

He said politics is where people argue, disagree about something or opinion but a lot of Ghanaians think the culture of insult is what makes you a good  politician.

Speaking on “The Day Show” on TV3 monitored by, the Ghanaian televangelist, philanthropist, and Chaplain of the Ghana Christian Council of the UK and Ireland indicated that politics is not war, fighting or undermining peoples hard won reputations.

“The politics we do in Ghana is an immature politics, where people think that the culture of insult is what makes you a good  politician. And I think we need to get that thing that politics is not war, politics is not fighting, politics is not undermining peoples hard won reputation. Politics is I like this, I don’t like this, we argue and disagree but we should not forget the fact that we have only one Ghana” He said.

According to the man of God, it is foolishness to insult people irrespective of their political affiliations.

“We must have a common agenda, what we don’t have is a national agenda. I have seen a lot of young people who don’t even know how to put their pampers and they will be insulting people, I don’t care whether you are an NDC or NPP or CPP, an adult is an adult. Is total foolishness” He fumed.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh bemoaned that Ghanaians have inculcated a bad attitude that young people don’t respect adults and adults equally don’t respect the young people.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it. We have been inculcated a very bad attitude of late in Ghana that young people don’t respect adults, unfortunately, the adults too don’t respect the young people.” He added.