May 30, 2024

Wisconsin International University College, Ghana, Kumasi Campus will today, 6th April, 2024 hold Student Representative Council (SRC) elections to steer the affairs for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The Electoral Commission Chair, Mr. Michael Osei Gyimah, a 4th year LLB student, has highlighted that nine candidates are vying for various positions within the SRC, including President, External Affairs President, External Affairs Secretary, SRC Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Women’s Commissioner. Notable candidates for the presidency include Mr. Kenneth Baafi, Emanuel Amoakohene, and Dickson Okyere.

Mr. Gyimah emphasized the importance of student participation in the electoral process, as candidates must be current students to contest for positions. The Electoral Commission has ensured a smooth process, with measures in place to address any inconsistencies that may arise during the voting.

According to EC officials, Miss Keziah Oppong and Mr Isaac Obeng Mensah, a total of 170 students have already cast their votes, with expectations of a turnout of at least 800 students. Despite some students finding the process slightly stressful, there has been commendable cooperation and participation from the student body, they said.

Polling agent Mr. Ernest Agyei, overseeing the election for the Financial Secretary position, expressed optimism for a free and fair election despite challenges such as managing a large number of voters. Security head Michael Opoku Darkwa assured that security measures are in place to maintain order and address any disruptions that may occur during the voting process.

In an interview with Miss Priscilla Owusu-Fosuhemaa, a Midwifery student and voter, she expressed her satisfaction with the ongoing elections, stating, “as expected, all the candidates are obviously expected to win. The environment has become so far conducive and tolerable. We definitely pray that the best candidate wins as he or she is going to be a student leader. My personal expectations have been met, most of the students are participating, and yes, I’m glad I personally came to vote.”

Similarly, Randy Darko Offei, a public health level 400 upper student and voter, shared his perspective on the election process, saying, “So far the election is going very well. I like how the EC and his team have composed themselves. But we know in every election we expect only one person to win, so we’re just praying that after the elections they will accept the results in good faith. Both the Steering Committee leadership and the Electoral Commissioner and his team needs to be applauded.”

As the day unfolds, the atmosphere at WIUC-GH, Kumasi Campus is filled with anticipation and commitment to upholding the principles of transparency and fairness in the electoral process. With students actively engaging in the voting process and authorities ensuring a secure environment, the outcome of the elections is awaited with eagerness and hope for a successful and democratic transition of leadership within the SRC.

In an interaction with Mr. Gordon Beuu, the Steering Committee Chair, he said, it is evident that the electoral process is well-organized, with a diverse pool of candidates vying for key positions within the Student Representative Council. The emphasis on student participation, proactive measures to address potential inconsistencies, and the commitment to transparency and fairness by the Electoral Commission are commendable aspects of the electoral process.

By: Jonathan Tabiri Essel and Emmanuel Boateng Akwaa