May 30, 2024

Ghanaian entertainment critic Sally Mann, known for her direct and outspoken approach, has weighed in on the ongoing debate regarding Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians.

Mann, who is often likened to Shatta Wale for her fearless punditry style, firmly stated that Ghanaian musicians cannot be compared to their Nigerian counterparts.

The topic of comparison between Nigerian and Ghanaian artists has been a subject of discussion among music lovers for some time, with many believing that Nigerian musicians are outshining their Ghanaian counterparts.

Critics argue that Ghanaians are compromising their originality and embracing a more copycat approach, deviating from their traditional highlife music to emulate Afrobeat.

Whenever such arguments arise, names of Ghanaian artists like Kelvynboy, Camidoh, and Kidi are often mentioned, as many believe they are attempting to imitate Nigerian artists.

Sally Mann has joined the conversation, asserting that Nigerian musicians are excelling in all aspects compared to their Ghanaian counterparts.

She highlighted instances where Nigerian artists, such as Wizkid who started with R2Bees, have achieved tremendous success, leaving Ghanaian artists like R2Bees far behind.

Mann acknowledged that both Ghanaian and Nigerian artists may have begun their careers together, but the wide gap in their current standings is undeniable.

She mentioned 2Face Idibia’s journey, starting with the VIP group, as another example of Nigerian artists surpassing their Ghanaian counterparts.

“Wizkid started with R2Bees, but if you compare them now, you can see the wide gap. Where is Wizkid now and where is R2Bees? You can clearly observe the disparity. Similarly, 2Face started with the VIP group, but you can see the difference as well.

I acknowledge that they are both individually successful, but when it comes to music, you simply cannot compare the two because 2Face Idibia is far ahead,” she said.

While Mann acknowledges the talent and potential of Ghanaian artists, she emphasizes that Nigerians are currently the champions in the music industry.

Despite having a potentially superior music catalog, Ghanaian artists still struggle to match the success and impact of their Nigerian counterparts.