May 30, 2024

The ongoing dispute between Arch Bishop Agyin Asare and Nogokpo shows no signs of ending soon, garnering significant interest from the public.

Arch Bishop Agyin Asare, the leader of Perez Chapel International, captured the attention of chiefs, elders, and residents of Nogokpo, a town located in the Volta Region, with a recent sermon during a church service.

During his sermon, Arch Bishop Agyin Asare referred to Nogokpo village as a place he would consider a demonic headquarters.

This statement by the clergyman did not sit well with the people of Nogokpo, and they have given him a 14-day ultimatum to apologize before facing the wrath of the gods.

Respected broadcast journalist Kafui Dey has entered the conversation, offering his perspective on the matter.

According to him, many media personnel, both mainstream and social media, are unaware that “Nogokpo” refers to a town and not a shrine.

He further explained that Nogokpo is a town similar to Antoa in the Ashanti Region.

Kafui Dey emphasized that since Nogokpo is a town, it implies that people who reside there can perceive, feel emotions, and are aware of everything happening on social media.

He advised caution, urging people not to overly sensationalize the issue, as it could escalate into a bigger problem.

He shared his thoughts on Twitter:

“Just as Antoa is a town and not a shrine, Nogokpo is also a town, not a shrine.

People live in both places, they have emotions, and they see and hear everything that goes on in social and mainstream media.

Much of the commentary on social and mainstream media is highly uninformed. Let’s exercise caution and avoid blowing this issue out of proportion.”