May 30, 2024

The Techiman municipal health directorate has joined the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to embark on a five-day vaccination campaign to intensify the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines across the country.

The campaign, which runs from Wednesday, July 19 to Sunday to July 23, 2023, is to ensure that Ghana reaches the required target to guarantee the safety of Ghanaians, and to integrate the exercise into the country’s routine immunization programme.

The Techiman municipal diseases control officer of the Ghana Health Service, Mr. Abraham Num speaking to, said despite the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration that the pandemic was no longer a public emergency concern, there was a need to get the population vaccinated because the disease was still prevalent.

“This declaration does not mean that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, what it means is that under the International Health Regulations, the management of the pandemic is taking a different approach, integrating COVID-19 into existing health delivery mechanisms,” he said.

He said “the COVID-19 has come to stay with us in our everyday life and the only way to fight it is that we need to frequently take the vaccine to protect us from it.”

Finally, he said people who have not taken all the vaccines should visit any health center for the vaccine and also “there are volunteers moving from house to house to do the vaccination, so unvaccinated people should take advantage to get their vaccines.”

Source: Blankson