May 30, 2024

Kumawood actor, Stephen Mawunyo, popularly known as Oteele has cursed Landlords in Ghana who use evil powers (juju) to harass their tenants.

He said many tenants go through some difficulties in life due to some supernatural powers their landlords worship.

According to him, there are some houses that if you continue to stay in, your businesses and finances can not grow. Adding that other tenante are also maltreated by their Landlords cruelly and it has rendered many people homeless.

Speaking in an interview with Zion Felix monitored by, Oteele said God will punish any Landlord who maltreat their tenants or use eveil powers (juju) to bring them down.

“Some Landlords treat us good but others treat us badly, like my former landlord. Some of them think they have already built their houses so they don’t care about anybody. How did people treat you when you did not own a house? Even if you were treated badly, you have to treat others well because one day your tenant can also become a Landlord. But some Landlords don’t care, people are evicted from their rooms anyhow, others too are being taken to rent control and they will be crying and begging? He said.

The actor stressed that some tenants have been evicted from their homes due to their Christianity beliefs and their prayers which are contrary to their Landlord’s faith.

He also encouraged tenants who are being maltreated to be strong.

“There are some Landlords let me tell you, all that glitters is not gold in this world so if a tenant come to your house treat him well, some Landlords don’t worship God, so if you are a tenant and you are a prayerful, your landlord will evict you from your home. Whatever you will do in this world will follow you and you will reap what you sow. Any tenant who is being maltreated should be strong and push forward, God will help you to build your own house. You can go and stay in someone’s house and begin to lose everything and later find out that the Landlord is the problem, God will punish you people.” He cursed.

Oteele however, disagreed with people who are advocating for 6 months rent and per monthly rent in Ghana.

He said the cost of rent in Ghana is very expensive and that it will be difficult for people to save money within that shortest period to rent an apartment.