May 30, 2024

Ghanaian reggae-dancehall artist, Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr widely known as Shatta Wale has explained his decision to avoid responding to people’s allegations and comments on social media.

According to him, people always want to use him to get attention on the internet and that they create some issues for him to react for them to go viral.

Speaking on GTV monitored by, the award winning Dancehall artiste indicated that he is talking with highly respected people in businesses and many things and for that matter he has to moderate how he uses social media.

“You know, I feel people think that to get attention I use some format so they always want to use the same format as me because they always say I will come back. That is why now when people do something on the internet I don’t even respond again because I have moved from musician to an artiste who was built in an institution so I see things like now I got a business partners I talk to as well as grown up men so sometimes the people I am doing business with send me videos and say well impressed here” Shatta Wale stated.

Adding that “These are cultures you know, sometimes you have to laugh. I have friends who sometimes watch my videos and they laugh about it, going up I have seen that no, people feel that ok, let’s trigger him for him to come and talk. So nowadays I see some and I don’t talk because I know the idea behind that”

Shatta Wale is celebrated for his authenticity. He is known for being unapologetically himself, which has endeared him to many who see him as a figure of self-expression and genuine talent in the music industry.