May 22, 2024

Unpaid National Service personnel have threatened to sue the National Service Secretariat (NSS) over their unpaid allowances.

According to them, the NSS Secretariat has breached the National Service Act such as transport allowances and others.

“Due to our position as convennors, we have received a lot of calls everyday, calls and text messages from people who rely solely on the NSS scheme to get their daily bread. The reason why we are suing them is because not only they have not paid us, they also have not fulfilled some of the requirements in their Act which is for instance transport allowances. They don’t even pay your GHC715 allowance, talk least of transport allowance, that is what is going on ” One of the Convenors unpaid NSS personnel said on Joynews monitored by on Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

His colleague, Clenan Tamakloe also indicated that a lot of NSS personnel across the country have not received their valuation forms to process with payments so the rumours that their allowances have been is false.

He said the Secretariat should be transparent with them to understand what the problem is.

“I won’t say they are lying, I will say that it seems like a systematic effort to pay half of us in diversion tactics. So far, you have seen personnel from different parts of the nation who have not even received their valuation forms, you need a valuation form to proceed with payments. They have not even opened up to start the process so how have they been paid? That is the question I would like to ask the Secretariat, how can you say you have paid us and people evaluation forms have not come out? That is my question to the Secretariat. I want to hold them accountable to say we want transparency, that is the least who owns us” Clenan Tamakloe stated.

“As of March, the evaluation forms have not come out, in our institution people are telling us that their evaluation forms are not in, they don’t understand what is going on? Several people all over the country have not been paid and now talk about data breach which is a serious issue” He added.

According to the aggrieved NSS personnel, they are giving the Secretariat and the Ministry of Finance up to the end of the Month if their arrears are not paid, they will embark on a nationwide strike which will follow up with a lawsuit.

“We are giving them up to the end of the month to pay the arrears. If they don’t we are planning a strike, we will also follow up in the lawsuit” They indicated.

They said most of the NSS personnel from Ashanti, Eastern, Western region and Greater Accra have not been paid.