July 24, 2024

It is an excited comment on social media following the announcement of the return of television show ‘Ultimate Paradise’.

Veteran Ghanaian actress Rama Brew, together with her daughter, Michelle Brew have are set to come back to the television once again as they announced a re-run of ‘Ultimate Paradise,’ one of the classic household favorites that first aired about three decades ago (30-years).

In a video, Michelle Brew who was about 20 when the original series aired stated that the re-run of ‘Ultimate Paradise will coincide with her mother, Rama Brew’s 69th birthday.

The veteran actress Rama Brew is currently 68 years old.

“This is impromptu to you, from us t0 you. Listen, it has been thirty (30) years, it means I am now 48 years old which means 20 year old at the time. It means I have two kids and you (Mother) are your beautiful 68 years. So as a pre-birthday to my mother and from us to you, the faces that she used to see thirty years ago and to this program that went by ‘Ultimate Paradise’ …….” Michelle Brew stated.

Sharing some questions many people used to ask her, Michelle said Ghanaians are eager to see the ultimate paradise series again.

“A lot of people have been asking me,” Is Rama Brew your mother? Are you Rama Brew? You look familiar and I said yes. I am copying the beautiful actress. I know a lot of people are asking where is the series? Are we going to see the old episode of ultimate paradise? She added.

Answering some of the questions people are asking, especially the young ones, whether they will get the opportunity to watch some of the old episodes again, Rama Brew said yes.

“The new generation of today who didn’t watch ultimate paradise will get the chance to see some of the old videos” The 68 year old woman stated.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com