July 24, 2024

The misunderstanding between Kwame Mickey, the executive producer for Hallelujah Voices’ ‘Defe Defe’ and Team Eternity Ghana has been resolved.

It could be recalled that Kwame Mickey threatened to sue music group, Team Eternity for using  ‘Defe Defe’ lyrics in their new hit song without permission which according to him infringed on his copyright.

The issue generated heated arguments on social media.

Speaking on this development in an interview with DJ Slim on Hitz FM‘s morning show Daybreak Hitz monitored by Elvisanokyenews.com, Kwame Mickey stated that the two parties have smoked a peace pipe.

He said Team Eternity Ghana gave him an undisclosed amount.

“I was not strict that I would take a specific amount of money, no. In fact, they just do the needful and they said they were sorry for not seeking our permission from the initial stage. The harm has already occurred so we have to calm down and solve the problem amicably. We have said a lot about the song so once the stakeholders have intervened and the two parties have agreed on one thing, we should just smoke a piece pipe and everything is settled.” He said.

According to him, the problem has already occurred but the most important thing is that they acknowledge his work and give him the credit.

The music producer indicated the amount involved in the issue but to do the right thing and give respect to those who deserve it.

“What they did was very sad, we should give credit to people who deserve it, even if they came without money and apologised it would be okay. We are all Ghanaians. People use others’ songs but through the right channel. This is not the first time someone is using another’s song, but should be done in a proper way.” He said.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com