May 30, 2024

The President of the Bono East Regional House of Chiefs and Paramount Chief of the Yeji Traditional Area, Pemapim Yaw Kabrese, has urged youth to venture into agriculture.

He advised the youth to desist from relying on the central government for employment and engage in farming activities as he believes that with hard work and determination, any youth that engages in farming will succeed in life.

According to him, agriculture has a significant economic potential and can provide employment opportunities, especially for the youth in the Bono East Region since the region can boost having fertile land suitable for farming.

“We have entered into a new year and almost everybody is expecting things to change for the better for them but if we can succeed in this year then it all depends on us, if we don’t take the right steps and initiatives, you may think that someone is against you because things will not go on well for you.”

“So, what I want to say is that, the indigents of Bono East must put it in their minds that it is only hard work and determination that can propel them to success. If you decide to stay idle then you will regret it. I will advice the youth to start something on their own, they shouldn’t rely on the government for employment, you just look at the number of people that graduates from the various universities every year and compare it to the job opportunities provided by the government, so I will encourage the youth to start something on their own and with time, it will develop into a big business for them.”

According to him, by engaging in agriculture, young people can create their own employment opportunities and contribute to the growth of the agriculture sector, which is a vital component of the county’s economy.

” Most of the lands in Ghana are suitable for agriculture activities and Bono East is no exception, the youth can engage in crop production or animal husbandry and it will generate revenue for them but some of them are just leaving idlily”

Pemapim Yaw Kabrese, disclosed that, the Yeji Traditional Council has put measures in place to create a conducive environment for the youth to venture into the agribusiness by making lands freely available.

“If you come to Yeji, we have vast lands that we give to those interested in farming, we don’t charge them for the land, all that is required of them is to pay something small to the traditional council at the end of the year, yet we have some youth sitting idle and claiming that there is no job in the country.”

Agriculture plays a vital role in national development.

Meanwhile, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has promised to make agriculture more attractive and lucrative in the country.