May 30, 2024

The Business Development Manager for the Kumasi Technical University, Dr. Solomon Kwarteng Fokuo, has urged the government to reduce its expenditure during the upcoming general elections.

He also urged the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government to reduce the number of ministers in his government to help save money for the country.

Dr. Solomon Kwarteng Fokuo believes reducing the expenditure for the elections and minimizing the number of ministers in government can contribute to responsible financial management and also ensures that government resources are allocated efficiently and effectively which will in turn maximize the impact of spending on important sectors.

“One of the problems we will face in the country in this election year is that government expenditure will increase, especially those on infrastructure development but we will urge the government to prioritize its expenditure and focus on the most important sectors. Partisan politics must to take center stage of government’s expenses”

“Ghana will not come to an end after the elections, there will be Ghana after the elections and life must go on so the government must not spend on unnecessary things. I met one government official and told him that the best way to go this year is not to spend more on less important sectors.” Dr. Fokuo said.

He further explained that, there are some ministries that although are important but do not require much attention especially at this moment and therefore the government can reduce the budget at those ministries and add it to ministries that may play crucial roles before, during and after the elections.

” There are some ministries that are important but there is no pressure there such as tourism and chieftaincy. Their budget should be reduced and added to other ministries that may play a significant role in the elections.”

“Government must concentrate on completing hospitals so that the citizens will be happy with them and vote for them. I also plead with the government to either remove or merge some ministries before we go to the polls. The Ministry of Land and Forestry, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Transport Ministry, Aviation and Railway can all be merged into one ministry and save money to do things that will make the people happy and vote for them.” He said.

Dr. Kwarteng Fokuo believes the government should invest more in healthcare infrastructure, education facilities, job creation initiatives and poverty reduction programs while minimizing unnecessary expenditure will demonstrate fiscal discipline and responsible government, a move he believes can score some political points for the NPP led government.