June 13, 2024

The Bono East Regional Deputy Director in charge of Clinical Care at the Regional Health Directorate,  Mrs. Helen Agodzo, has made a passionate appeal to nurses in the region and Ghana at large to stay and practice their profession within Ghana.

Her comments come at the back of the recent surge in nurse exodus where many qualified healthcare professionals especially nurses are leaving Ghana to work in other countries.

She emphasized the critical role nurses play in the country’s healthcare system and the importance of retaining this valuable human resource.

Mrs. Helen Agodzo, in her appeal, said if it’s not all that important for a nurse to leave the shores of the country, then he or she should stay and fight for mother Ghana.

She made this assertion during the launching of the Nurses and Midwives week celebration at the Bono East Regional Health Directorate in Kintampo.

“We all know is a day and era people are leaving the country, most of the nurses are leaving but like we always say, if it’s not time for you to leave, kindly wait because one thing we know is that you must build your skills up high enough to be able to go out there and practice as a nurse, because it’s not that simple being outside there.

“We want them to take their time, study and know their skill, practice very well and be on top of the issue so when they travel it becomes an easy thing for them to do.” She told our reporter.

Mrs. Helen Agodzo, explained that the Ghana Health Service truly appreciates the expertise of nurses and holds them in high esteem and therefore they should stay and practice their profession in Ghana as the service rewards its hard working employees.

“In the meantime, they should stay and serve mother Ghana, I have been a nurse, I decided to stay and thankfully, the service has rewarded me to a management position which I do not regret at all, so I know that if our people put up their best, who knows what tomorrow holds for them, it will be a good future for all of us.” She said

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com