June 13, 2024

The Bono East Regional Health Directorate has officially launched this year’s Nurses and Midwives Celebrations Week.

The week-long event is aimed at honoring and recognizing the invaluable contributions of nurses and midwives in the region.

The launched took place at the Regional Health Directorate in Kintampo. The celebrations will feature a series of activities, including radio / TV talk shows, health screening, float and a symposium at the Bonokyempem hall in the Techiman South Municipal.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, the Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Fred Adomako, highlighted the critical role that nurses and midwives play in the healthcare system.

He said nurses and midwives are the backbone of our healthcare delivery as they work tirelessly, often under challenging conditions, to provide quality care to our communities.

On her part, the Deputy Director in charge of Clinical Care in the Bono East Region, Mrs. Helen Agodzo, emphasized the importance of investing in the nursing and midwifery professions to strengthen the healthcare system.

“Like I said earlier, this day is a very important for us, the week as a whole means a lot for us, we want to use it as an opportunity to celebrate our very hardworking nurses.

“We all know and have accepted that without them there is no hospital without the nurse, without the midwife, there is no healthcare so they form the very stem of our health system and we really want to appreciate them for that.

“Aside appreciating and congratulating them, we want to express some of the areas we think they need to improve in the healthcare system

“One for me is the customer care which I always speak about, the need to accept people, treat people with a lot of respect and dignity, a little smile for a patient goes a long way to help them so as much as they are doing well, we want to be nicer to the people that come to them” She said

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com