May 22, 2024

The Chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Volta Region have given founder of Perez Chapel International, Dr. Charles Agyinasare 14 days ultimatum to meet them for peace talk over “Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters of Volta Region” comment.

According to them, the man of God in May 2023 during a sermon made what they described as a derogatory statement about Nogokpo which the chiefs demand answers.

“We, the Chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Ketu South Municipality of Volta Region, give 14 Days Ultimatum to Archbishop Dr Charles Agyin Asare, the founder of Perez Chapel International, to meet us in person for peace talk about a statement he made that, “NOGOKPO IS THE DEMONIC HEADQUARTERS OF VOLTA REGION …..”. He made this derogatory statement when he was preaching in a summit at Perez Dome in Accra on May 2023. In the sermon, he recalled an experience he had alongside his co-pastor at Nogokpo after attending a crusade in Aflawu.” They said in a statement.

Nogokpo is a small village located in the Ketu South Municipal of the Volta Region of Ghana along the Trans–West African Coastal Highway.


Nogokpo was founded by Torgbui Saba. He migrated from Agbozume Sukladzi and was one of the brave war captains of the Somey State. Saba’s ancestors originated from Ningo and were displaced by the Akwamu wars. In order to strengthen himself spiritually for war, he embarked on spiritual journey to Dahomey and came back with Zakadza, the Yewe god of thunder similar to Shango cult of the Yoruba or Thor of the ancient Scandinavians. A misunderstanding with the town folks of Agbozume compelled Saba to move to Nogokpo which was then his farmstead. The first priestess of the deity was Saba’s younger sister Ladzeshie as Saba himself was a mercenary and was always away from home participating in intertribal wars.


Nogokpo: Ewe language — E: nor : ge : kpo: a ? Will you live here peacefully or crime free? That was the question he asked anyone who asked to live near him in his new location. This is a warning in reference to his god not tolerating vice.

There is an alternative narration:

Ewe language: Ma ble nye nua nogoe kpo.

Let me tie (bundle) my stuff without troubles.

This narration is in reference to his exodus from Agbozume with his god.

The original name of Nogokpo was Dealakpanaku: You lie, you die.

Zakadza: Fon language – Night crocodile

It is noted for its traditional and spiritual shrine.