May 30, 2024

The Bono East Regional Environmental Protection Agency in collaboration with Stapha Enterprise Services, has organized a clean up exercise at Bamiri, a suburb of Techiman ahead of this year’s World Environment Day.

Coming Monday, June 5, 2023 is the commemorative day for environmental public outreach to draw attention of the public to the welfare of the earth.

This year’s international ceremony will be held at Ivory coast with the theme, “Beat Plastic Pollution”. However, the local theme of which the Bono East Region will be based to mark this year’s ceremony is “Protect Tano River from Plastic Solution” which is inline with the global theme.

Today’s cleanup exercise was aimed at creating public awareness towards the World Environment Day celebration of which the Bono East region will celebrate it’s at the Bamiri Social Center.

In an exclusive interview with the acting Bono East Regional Director for the Environment Protection Agency, Mr. Duah Anthony Bright Kwadwo, he said “this activity is to create awareness in the Bamiri communication and the region at large on the need to reduce plastic solution.”

He continued “this is because there are many plastics in our environment and if care is not taken, it will find its way in our water bodies (Tano River) and if that happens, it will be very problematic for us”.

The EPA, used students and staff from the Bamiri M/A J.H.S and Bamiri Roman Catholic School.

Explaining why students were used for today’s exercise, the Chief Executive Officer of Stapha Enterprise Services, facilities management services, Mr. Enoch Mustapha, explained that, “the reason we choose students is that, if you teach an individual something from his or her childhood, it becomes part of them, so we want to cultivate the behavior of cleanliness in them so that when they grow up, they can help protect the environment from any form of pollution”.

STAPHA Enterprise Services, Facilities management services is a waste management company based in Techiman and is partnering with the Bono East Regional Environmental Protection Agency to commemorate this year’s World Environment Day.

Source: Blankson