May 30, 2024

Ghanaian rapper, Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, best known as Amerado, has underscored the need to be versatile in the music industry.

He said music goes beyond being a rapper.

According to him, rappers are only centered in one position but if you are a full time musician, you can exhibit your talent all the time.

“I have won best rapper awards so I have to ask myself what is next for me? Definitely I want to do another rap, but I can’t expand my audience. And as an artist, music goes beyond just being a rapper. So if you are a composer or songwriter, you need to master the craft of a sole musician. Also they are placed at one corner if you are a rapper but if you are a full time musician you are all round.” Amerado said this in an interview on Fish FM entertainment show dubbed Entertainment Klass hosted by Bra Kwaku.

He also revealed that he has not entirely switched from rap to singing but music is dynamic and that he has to exhibit his talent in the music industry.

Adding that he needs to do things that will give him money to cater for his family.

“For instance someone who has opened a company and has recruited employees, everybody has his or her role to play. Every year, we have our annual vision and mission, so if you are able to achieve your mission, what is the next for you in the following year to achieve another mission? So brand Amerado is seen as a rapper ‘top top’ but deep down in my heart, I have to support my family, aside from that I have to challenge myself as an individual that now the public have accepted me as a rapper. What is next?” He added.

“Because the moment you want to get results it means you have to challenge yourself to do different thing, if you do the same thing, you will stuck at one place and people who have been following me knows that I have been singing way back, I was doing many songs but it couldn’t work so when the ‘Kwaku Ananse’ song came out people were asking can you sing? And one thing I always want to challenge myself is that I don’t want to be in my comfort zone.” Amerado stressed.