May 30, 2024

Local rice producers have lamented over low patronage of their products despite its deliciousness.

They said the importation of rice from foreign countries is the main reason people are not patronising the locally produced rice.

According to them, the low patronage of the locally produced rice is not only affecting their income or collapsing their businesses but it is also causing unemployment since the youth have lost interest in the rice production.

Speaking in an interview with UTV monitored by, they stressed that the government should intervene and reduce rice imports to make the citizens gain interest in the local rice to promote the production and consumption of locally produced rice.

The farmers also appealed to the government to ensure that the price of materials needed for the rice production such as fertilizers are reduced for them to be able to buy them.

“Our local rice business is not moving because of the foreign ones they import, and the prices of materials we are using such as liquid fertilizers, wedicides, fertilizers are very high. The traders (market women) are calling for reduction of our prices but if we reduce it we can’t get money to invest again because of the cost of production” One producer stated.

Adding that when prices of fuel and electricity are increased they affect their production.

“The moment government increase electricity tariffs and fuel it affect us because we rely on all these things before our product can go to the market so we are appealing to the government to take acting on that especially, the foreign rice because the one we are producing here is very delicious and there is no problem about it” He added.

“We are appealing to the government to come to our aid because when they came to power they said they want the youth to participate in agriculture, and that if we produce and nobody is buying, how can it be attractive to them and how are we going to cater for our family” Another one said.