May 30, 2024

Okyeame Kofi Adu, the Deputy Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the United States of America, has praised the 24-hour economy policy proposed by the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, as a “game changer” that will significantly improve the country’s economy.

Okyeame Kofi Adu, explained that, the NDC flagship policy, will go a long way in revitalizing Ghana’s economic landscape.

“The 24-hour economy policy is a bold and innovative approach that has the potential to transform Ghana’s economic fortunes.

“It will help curb unemployment problems, manufacturing and agriculture sector revamp and Agribusiness.” He said

According to Adu, the policy, if implemented effectively, will create new job opportunities, increase productivity, and attract more investments into the country.

He further explained that, by extending the operating hours of businesses and services, the 24-hour economy policy will provide greater convenience for consumers, boost economic activities, and ultimately lead to a more prosperous Ghana.

Adu further emphasized that the policy aligns with the NDC’s vision of creating a vibrant and inclusive economy that caters to the needs of all Ghanaians.

“This policy is a testament to the NDC’s commitment to driving economic growth and improving the living standards of the Ghanaian people,” he stated.

He continued, “the 24hours economy has given the NPP government high blood pressure and sleepless nights as they keep asking for the detailed explanation into how the policy will operate and implemented.”

“I was not surprised when the vice president now the NPP flagbearer made mockery of the policy and said the chop bars in the country are already practicing the 24hours economy, meanwhile this shift system is practiced in some part of the Western countries where he schooled and had his part-time jobs”.

Hon Okyeame Kofi Adu, narrates the how the policy will be rolled out.

“Three shifts 8hours breakdown in the 24hours will start from 6am to 2pm shift one, 2pm to 10pm night shift and 10pm to 6am in the morning third shift.”

This manufacturing program he said will increases workforce/labour intake, increase in daily production and large profits margin expectations.