May 20, 2024

The Paramount of the Yeji Traditional Area and President of the Bono East Regional House of Chiefs, Pimapim Yaw Kabrese V, has called for the development of the Busia Mausoleum in Wenchi.

According to him, the Busia Mausoleum, has the potential of becoming aglobal tourist attraction which will generate revenue for the Wenchi Municipal Assembly and Ghana at large.

The Busia Mausoleum is the final resting place of Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, the 2nd Prime Minister of the Republic of Ghana.

Pimapim Yaw Kabrese V,  believes that with the right investment and promotion, the mausoleum can become a significant draw for international visitors.

“The Busia Mausoleum in Wenchi, the resting place of Ghana’s 2nd Prime Minister, is a potential global tourist attraction. Busia, was not only a distinguish politician but also an icon of scholarship.

“Developing the mausoleum into a global tourist attraction could direct a lot of traffic in Wenchi, thereby promoting economic opportunities in this part of the country.” He explained

“The Busia Mausoleum is an important historical and cultural site that deserves to be showcased to the world,” said Pimapem Yaw Kabrese V. “By developing the site and promoting it as a tourist destination, we can not only honor the legacy of Dr. Busia but also bring economic benefits to the local community.”

The development of the mausoleum would involve upgrading the facilities, creating interpretive displays, and improving access and amenities for visitors.

Pimapem Yaw Kabrese V made this assertion during the launch of the 2024 “Meko Bono Home Coming and Festivals at the Bonokyempem Hall in the Techiman South Municipality of the Bono East region.

The news of the planned development of the Busia Mausoleum has been welcomed by local residents within the erstwhile Brong Ahafo Region, who see it as an opportunity to boost the regional economy and showcase the rich cultural and historical assets of the Bono East Region.