May 30, 2024

The headmaster of Old Tafo M/A Junior High School ‘B’ in the Old Tafo Municipality in the Ashanti Region, Mr Mathew Osei Badu, has called on his colleague headmasters and teachers across the country to guide students to acquire basic skills in every aspect of life.

According to Mr Osei, the new curriculum of the educational system that the Ministry of Education has introduced through the Ghana Education Service strictly talks about the practical aspect of educating the child and so entreated teachers of various schools to guide students to acquire the basic skills required in life in order to improve their lives in the near future.

He further added that, the curriculum also states emphatically that teachers should do only thirty percent of the teaching and learning while they guide students to do the other seventy percent.

He was speaking at the school premises where they organized ‘Food and Fruit Day Bazaar’ program to test the cooking skills of the students and to also guide them to get the basic skills in cooking in order to better their lives.”The skills they are getting through this competition will help them as entrepreneurs if they complete school and could not get opportunity in any white color job”, he added

Some of the students who took part in the cooking competition spoke to Sarkodie Samuel and stated that the program is very educational, exciting and important because it will benefit their lives in the near future, especially the boys  involved.

They thanked the headmaster and the teaching staff of the school for organizing such a program for them.

Source: Samuel