May 30, 2024

The NDC is not only a picayune Party, but as well, they are infamous in being picaroon. The anxiousness of the NDC to annex the phantasmagoric presidential prerogative,  sometimes look risible and agonizingly intriguing. Their tiger paper approaches to beguile the ranks and files with ostentatiously romantic pledges put me into a paroxysm of thunderous laughing invariably !

How can a Party which had the glittering mandate once upon a time, to make the economy looks humdinger but bungled it and instead deracinated the economy into preposterous hum drum state be clamoring for Presidential remontada yet another ?

Is such an attempt not meant to desecrate and advertently bastardize the intellectual capacity and argute mindset of the Ghanaian camarilla?

Oh yes, it is!!

It becomes overwhelmingly cranky, when you see them mounting podiums, engaging the media fronts into otiose powwows, penning mirage articles and  conducting hybrid of interviews with their sheer cacophonic voices, principally to inveigh against and as well deprecate the portentous projects instigated by the the ruling Party, the NPP !

It is indeed, palpably graphical that, whenever your legacy bequeathed to others during your reign looks excrescent and inconsequential, the only mechanism you can optimize to probably inveigle the people is to make ineffectual promises, which John Mahama is incontrovertibly a progenitor of it.

John Mahama, who is known to be a central and cardinal prima donna in payola or baksheesh is here masquerading to be a holier – than – thou entity because, he wants to snitch and peculate from us again !

He is a chameleonic and treacherous person, whose sole desideratum is to rupture the Country into a chains of insolvency. In effect, he engendered the most rebarbative and antediluvian policy with the aim that, it would provide an impetus and enzyme for his Presidential bid _ graciously, it has been instantaneously pooh – poohed by the shrewd section of Ghanaians, grounded to the fact that, it is not recherchê and requisite dispensation to festinate our economy drive. I become down to the dump when parochial and avaricious people are throwing their weights in favor of such a venal man !

A well – learned and venerated people i had the undeniable admiration for, have bizarrely traded their invaluable probity for materialistic stuffs by advocating for much  ado about nothing, John Mahama.

You are supporting the come back of someone, who couldn’t afford a mere chalk for schools?

Are you in a way not trying to affirm the fact that, you are a gullible  and psychotic person?

The entire human resource components were wallowing in a precarious and draconian peril under his watch!
Teachers embarking on strikes, graduates engaging into vigorous and inveterate demonstrations, erratic power supply, where he coined the name ‘ Dumsor ‘ for himself and his descendants etc were amongst a teeming of ubiquitous incidences under his callous leadership.

The man, who had the hapless procacity to externalize that, he wouldn’t be in a confabulation with anyone, who hasn’t been a President before and additionally, earmarked himself as a *goat carcass* is being panegyrized by his congenial members, all in the name, he submits honorariums to them.

It is extreme pejorative to others, who doesn’t enjoy the same political mileage from the same man.
This is quod erat demonstrandum, he isn’t the ultimate figure to grant the needs of everyone, but rather, do have a fractional algorithm of individuals to ameliorate them, once he becomes the surrealistic President.

John Mahama isn’t a Presidential accoutrement we should hanker for _ he is an opportunist and butterfly!!

His Excellency Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is the best Candidate to be the rollercoaster in the advancement of our economy _ he is as usual, a flower in our Political circle.
He is the only person to thrive on the schadenfreude of the lackadaisical, John Mahama.

By : Prof Dinkum.
( The Buzzing Rapine of Erudition ).

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