May 30, 2024

I feel a shudder around my spine, whenever the NDC engages into will – ‘o’ – the – wisp expostulations, they are the fons et origo of infrastructural developments in Ghana. It gives me the hump to hear such a spurious feat. This euphemistic means subscribed by the unscrupulous NDC partisans with the fruitless intention to lure the franchise of ordinary Ghanaians get me into stitches anytime!

It is for a matter of fact a flippant and tenuous channel to resuscitate your forlorn Party from the ultimate purgatory and bummer! How many infrastructural developments did you chronicle when you vowed to be establishing more than 250 ? Were you able to even intimately connected to that standard ?

The barometer every Ghanaian members know you of, is your ad infinitum mendacity and pharisaical attitude. The hubris you exercise to immortalize yourselves as the best amongst the remnants, apropos infrastructural establishments give me the unequivocal image that, you are being crippled by callowness, naivety and utopianism , where the Ghanaian fraternity deems it as, *masochistic display* . Therefore, it is the most appropriate to put a crimp on such toe – curling analogical exhibitions in order not to essentially traduce your soiled and cornered reputation already.

At where Ghana lies now, we may need a man, who has the kidney to strategize mitigating and efficacious plans to expatiate and perpetuate the unprecedented projects laid down by the current regime, the NPP.

John Mahama doesn’t have the foresight to pioneer this Country _ he is literally a fuddy – duddy!

A person, who has the proclivity to place strides on narcissism must not equally be adjudged as the President _ never!

The egocentricity on the part of John Mahama is unreservedly unparagoned!
Additionally, his nefandous presentations accord him with the prima facie evidence for us to disregard his Presidential aspiration.

I heard Mahama bickering on his supposed inadequacy of jobs under this epoch for the youths. Ah, is Mahama such a rapscallion and reprobate to this height?

Now, let me serve him with an exigent and epic redolence.

John Mahama, were you not the same person who said, you aren’t a magician to create jobs within the stipulated 4 – year tenure ? Why do you intend to disparage your magnitude with a kind of such a whimsical and anaemic statement?

Explicitly, it isn’t foreign to me at all, for, you articulated in one of your encounters with your partisan members that, electricity/power tariffs are being accrued in every 3 years, can you imagine this Merry Andrew ?

By his actions you shall really know the seed implanted in him. Mr. Mahama, have you realized how desperation has made you a flummoxed palaver? Your appetency to defalcate from our meagre public purse has made you to involve yourself into those sexy promises. But trust me, all your Mephistophelean attempts have ended in smoke already! You are not a neoteric man to effect any changes to the current flamboyant economy – it is John Mahama with the same anachronistic objectives and personal ethos!

Your empty stridency and deluding promises wouldn’t provide even a modicum of oxygen to dragoon the ordinary Ghanaians to vote for you. However, your abortive and redundant peregrination to the various regions ought to be preempted, because it is piffling and of no worthwhile!

A person who couldn’t clear himself of being suborned either by someone or offered a bribe to someone before is here agitating for Presidential slot with his grating, ugly and insipid promises _ Jesus Christ!!

It would be suicidal, catastrophic and imponderable fiasco to elect such a defiant and intransigent person into power. Mr. Mahama, we are acquainted with the fact that, you are a mercenary and you want to use us, as a stepping stone to progressively potentiate your financial capacity _ how foul, obnoxious and nefarious way to maximize !
I have nonchalantly and holistically perlustrated your nebulous and hysteric pledges and in fact, they are all non sequiturs!!

You should rescind and annul your decision to tussle for the Presidential Candidacy any moment from now, such that, it could succour the refulgency of your pedigree. There could be a debilitating reputational effects on you, should you act in contrast to what I have sagaciously proffered to you. We can’t hobnob with anyone, who is the father and subset of corruption anymore!!

His Excellency Alhaji Dr. Bawumia is the man to spearhead this country into its paradise realm.

He is not only altruistic, but his adored and adorned trump card is that, he is a brick and has the sole alchemistic carte blanche to transform this Country into the upper stratum.

Vote for His Excellency Alhaji Dr. Bawumia for a significant titivations!

By : Prof Dinkum.
( The Buzzing Rapine of Erudition )

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