May 22, 2024

New Life International has ordained five individuals into the priesthood, granting them the license and authority to serve as men and women of God in Ghana.

The ordination ceremony, which symbolized a sacred commitment and calling to ministerial service, marked a significant milestone in the spiritual journey and vocation of the ordained individuals, affirming their dedication, faith, and readiness to fulfill their divine mission.

By ordaining the five individuals who are associate pastors at the Glory Baptist God’s Ministry, received a Bachelors Degree in Theology

The ordination process equipped the newly ordained priests with the necessary skills, knowledge, and spiritual authority to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in spreading the message of love, compassion, and redemption to all believers.

Founder and leader of the Glory Baptist God’s Ministry, Dr. Bishop Owusu Bempa, in an interview with the media revealed that, the five pastors, have been working with him for at least nine years and expressed confidence in their capabilities as men and women of God.

“They are pastors whom have helped me in winning souls for the Kingdom of God, some have been with me for 23 years, some have been with me for 22 years while others have been in the ministry with me for 9 solid years, they are in charge of the various branches of the church.”

“I deemed it fit to help them to also upgrade their status in the ministry because they are not selfish with their God given talents and gifts so as I was being ordained as a Doctor in the Ministry, I ensured that they also be uplifted.”

“I believe in their capabilities and I believe that they can really serve the multitude in spreading the Gospel and I believe and know that God is with them and therefore they will be successful in God’s ministry.” He said.

Some of the newly pastors who spoke with our reporters said,” this is the second time we are being ordained, we first had our diploma and now we have been honored with a degree so we are very much grateful to Dr. Bishop Owusu Bempa, the congregation and the people of Techiman for their support.”

They further promised to be guided by Holy scriptures in their ministry. In all three males and two females were ordained at the Glory Baptist God’s Ministry in the Techiman South Municipal of the Bono East Regional.